[postgis-users] different results from PGobject.getValue()

Claude Eisenhut ce at eisenhutinformatik.ch
Tue Feb 13 09:30:37 PST 2007

> the semantic for "getValue()" is "give me the string
> representation of whatever the server can parse".


> Btw, we might drop PostGIS 0.X support eventually, or change the
> autoregistration to use the PGgeometrylw class, what do you think about
> that?

I would prefer if different libraries could work with the same connection
without interference.
And I would prefer if the JDBC driver offers a stable (hiding server
versions), but as fast as possible (raw/low level) interface.
I guess that means no autoregistration and an unmodified getValue().
Unmodified of what the JDBC driver offers without any addons.

It seems that the server can handle binary mode (LWGEOM_recv() and
LWGEOM_send()), but I didn't find code in the JDBC driver that makes use of
this. ?


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