[postgis-users] ESRI Shapes from database

Chris Hermansen chris.hermansen at timberline.ca
Tue Oct 16 12:21:21 PDT 2007

Hmm, I think putting passwords on command lines in scripts kind of
invalidates the whole point of having passwords...

Talking from a "this ought to be the way" point of view, rather than
"this is the way"... if user U is authenticated on machine X and your
authentication mechanism is robust then U should also be authenticated
on machine Y, so the only time a password should be needed is if U is
trying to masquerade as someone else.

So if user U's credentials are respected on your PostgreSQL server and
if there is a role defined for user U in the PostgreSQL instance running
on the server, then s/he should be able to execute psql on that server
just by running
   psql -h post-server database-name -f script.sql


Lee Keel wrote:
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>> If I understand correctly, you have written a C# program to read the
>> geodatabase on the SQL Server and you're trying to transform that into a
>> string you can pass into PostgreSQL.  And your string is too big.
>> Given that you've got that far, why don't you just change your C#
>> program to write the data out to a text file (or several text files if
>> necessary) as SQL containing a CREATE statement, a bunch of INSERT
>> statements or a COPY statement (probably more efficient with such a big
>> table, but if your size limitation hampers you, you could fall back to
>> INSERTs or even a few COPY statements), and finally add a spatial index.
>> If you need a template for that, grab a shape file and use shp2pgsql to
>> generate a sample from which you can design your own output.
>> Then you can use psql to process that text file (those text files ).
> [Lee Keel] 
> My only reason I haven't used the file approach is that I need this to be
> run nightly and I can't find a command line option to pass a password into
> psql for the input of the file.  The user that I am having to use for this
> account requires a password and it is an act of congress (almost literally)
> to get trust accounts on this server that have just read access.  I don't
> think there is anyway that they are going to let me have a trust account
> with write access.  Am I missing something about the command line options
> for psql?
> Thanks,
> -LK
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