[postgis-users] geocode

Stephen Frost sfrost at snowman.net
Tue Oct 16 18:00:30 PDT 2007

* Michael Welter (mike at telecommatters.net) wrote:
> Out of the box, the script loads CompleteChain and Landmarks.

Yeah, these are the more 'straight-forward' imports.

> Loading PolyChainLink and AreaLandmarks are commented out, and I assume 
> I'll have to rerun the script with these.

If you want polygons from TIGER then you'll need them, yes.

> The last half of the script is all comments:
> ogr2ogr Polygon.shp
> ogr2ogr AreaLandmarks
> sql update landmarks (3 queries)

Yeah, that could probably be cleaned up some.  The gist of it is that,
iirc, you have to do multiple passes to get the polygons loaded in.
Honestly, I've never had alot of success loading polygons.

> Which part of this script do I need to run in order to have a geocoding 
> database?

If you just want to geocode street addresses then you don't really need
the polygons or landmarks.  You'll probably want to read through the
install/readme file.


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