[postgis-users] Re: PROJ Projection Issues

Brian Timoney brian at thetimoneygroup.com
Sun Oct 21 16:57:01 PDT 2007


In the Windows install, there is the "libproj.dll" in the BIN directory 
but no other files with which have names that imply 'grid' or 'nad'.  
Unfortunately, we don't have an older Windows install in the office to 
compare to...



Are there grid files in the proj directory?
On 19-Oct-07, at 2:36 PM, Brian Timoney wrote:

>/ Paul:
/>/ Thanks for the quick reply.  The more recent version with dubious  
/>/ results was using the standard PostGIS Windows installer.
/>/ Brian
/>/ Proj has the funny build process where you have to untar the  
/>/ nadcon  grids into the source tree before building. If you forget  
/>/ that step,  your proj won't have the grids available for conversion.
/>/ P
/>/ On 19-Oct-07, at 2:03 PM, Brian Timoney wrote:
/>>/ / Was whatever does the datum shifts between NAD27 and NAD83 not
/>/ />/ included in more recent builds of PROJ?  Is it a 4.5 issue?/
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