[postgis-users] RE: WKT Raster project: call for fundings

Tyler Erickson tyler.erickson at mtu.edu
Sat Dec 6 05:52:48 PST 2008


A few questions on the WKT Raster design ppt...

In regards to slide 12, what would be the result of a
(raster1,raster2)->raster3 operation, if raster1 and raster2 had the
same SRID but had a different origins and pixel dimensions such that the
cells locations were not coincident?

Is there also a need for a MULTIRASTER data type, for vector-like
discrete coverages (as illustrated on slide 33)?


Pierre Racine wrote:
> Hi all,
> For myself, I will start to work on the project about 15 hours per week in march 2009. At this rhythm, we won't have a beta before winter 2010. This is why help would be welcome.
> So two programmers would be working on the project if someone can fund Sandro. One full time (Sandro), one half time (me). For now Sandro has very few money and I'll have few time.
> The main idea of WKT Raster is to treat raster tiles as much as possible like PostGIS geometries so we could query and analyse (intersection, overlay, interpolation, conversion, etc...) vectors and rasters seamlessly. WKT Raster is much simpler than Oracle Georaster and much more GIS oriented (like PostGIS is).
> A PowerPoint of the design is available at http://www.cef-cfr.ca/uploads/Membres/WKTRasterPostGIS.ppt
> Pierre

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