[postgis-users] how to identify the_geom that cause : RelateOperation called withLWGEOMCOLLECTION type

Obe, Regina robe.dnd at cityofboston.gov
Mon Dec 8 04:32:37 PST 2008

Many of the GEOS relation functions do not work with collections.

You must have a geometry collection in there somewhere or its a bug.
Also which relation function were you trying?

To figure out the type of your geometries, run

FROM sometable
WHERE GeometryType(the_geom) = 'GEOMETRYCOLLECTION'


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> I have an error with some geometry that cause : "ERROR Relate
> called withLWGEOMCOLLECTION type".
> All the geometries seem clean (valid, non empty, closed, only POLYGON,
> My question : how to get information of which geometry cause the
problem ?
> Is there a way  to have information about the geometry during postgis
> working on a  SQL query ?
> Thanks.

Hi Ghislain,

What the query that failed looks like ?
The message is telling that one geometry has an invalid type.
In your query, you could try to ask for ST_GeometryType(geometry) and
a geometry identifier to see which geometry has the wrong type.
If you perform a spatial operation, it is possible that
geometryCollection is produced.
You could maybe split your query into smaller block to see where such
collections are generated.

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