[GENERAL] [postgis-users] how many min. floating-points?

John Smith jayzee.smith at gmail.com
Thu Mar 20 13:03:11 PDT 2008

thks steve! sorry, i can't get more specific since still planning.

i got an old box supporting only 1 floating-point. i am thinking of a
typical mapping application- the usual bread-and-butter type, and
concerned that some heavy-duty raster-based math (i don't know what
yet) would be undoable??

On Thu, Mar 20, 2008 at 3:57 PM, Stephen Woodbridge
<woodbri at swoodbridge.com> wrote:
> John Smith wrote:
> > guys,
> > how many min. floating-points must a server hardware support for
> > postgresql+postgis? does postgresql+postgis do much floating-point
> > math to make a difference? can someone give postgresql+postgis
> > application examples that will require high floating-points?
> > thks, jzs
> I do not think there are any limits along these lines in most modern
> servers. They all have support for floating point math. If it is not
> supported in hardware it is supported in software by the ANSI-C compiler
> and libraries.
> So the real issue becomes what are you trying to do and what are your
> performance requirements? This would be more interesting to us and we
> can probably provide better support if you explain what you are trying
> to do.
> -Steve W
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