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John Abraham jabraham at ucalgary.ca
Mon May 12 15:41:54 PDT 2008

Attached is a revised version of our job posting. 

If anyone has suggestions for other mailing lists where this should be 
posted, please let me know.

Job Posting: Spatial Economic Software Developer

            *Career Level:  **Dependent on Qualifications***

*_ Job Summary_**_:_*

*__*HBA Specto Incorporated is a developer of spatial economic modelling 
software used for forecasting future spatial growth patterns and 
analyzing policy regarding transportation, land-use, energy and the 
environment.  HBA's clients are city and regional governments, US state 
governments and university research programs and institutes. 

This position involves the development, release and support of our 
open-source spatial economic modelling software.  You should be 
interested in software development, system administration, and/or 
client-support responsibilities for a small and growing specialty 
software and consulting company.   

The responsibilities of the job depend upon your abilities and 
experience, will include some or all of:

 Software Development:

·         Develop embedded GIS algorithms using PostGIS and/or ArcGIS

·         Develop and improve JDBC and Hibernate access to database from 
Java software

·         Develop map server for viewing model spatial outputs and 
manipulating model spatial inputs

·         Develop web app for control of model runs

·         Manage bug-tracking and feature-tracking system, daily builds, 
install scripts, and branching/tagging of code

·         Improve and maintain a spatial economic short-run modelling 
system that solves a system of non-linear equations for a current or 
future year

·         Improve and maintain a simulation of developer behaviour that 
manipulates a cadastral database of land parcels simulating construction 
over 30+ years.

 System Administration:

·         Purchase/install server and desktop computers

·         Manage public server for subversion, corporate home page, and 
project wikis.

·         Manage shared project document and data directories (using 
rsync, unison and/or subversion)

·         Assist with selecting and managing administration software 
(timesheets, project management, expense tracking)

·         Manage remote VPN access to servers

 Client Support:

·         Review user contributions to code base

·         Provide install and configuration support

·         Work with client IT staff to coordinate hardware configurations

·         Work with client IT staff to coordinate VPNs

·         Manage user mailing list/forum.


You should possess a science or engineering degree, with relevant 
software development experience and/or education.  You should have 
experience in an Agile Software Development process.  You should have 
software engineering/software architecture experience and also be an 
efficient code writer with an ability to quickly produce useful software.

 You should understand object-oriented development and parallel 
programming.  You should be well versed in mathematics and statistics, 
with an interest in optimization algorithms and other numerical 
algorithms and data structures.  Experience in scientific programming 
and/or geographical databases is an asset. 

 Our current IT technology includes:

·         Java

·         Eclipse

·         PostGIS

·         ArcGIS

·         Quantum GIS

·         Subversion

·         PostgreSQL

·         SQL Server

·         SQLite

·         MySQL

·         JDBC

·         Hibernate

·         Unix-type operating systems (e.g. Linux, BSD, Mac OSX)

·         Windows

·         VPN

·         Web servers (especially Apache)

·         Web application frameworks (e.g. PHP)

·         Python

·         Parallel programming

·         Media wiki

·         Rsync

You should be interested in transportation planning and/or city 
planning, should believe that public policy can make a difference in the 
world, and should believe in the power of analysis tools to inform 
public policy debates.

*Position details:*

The position is located in Calgary, a city of 1 million people, and the 
principle city in southern Alberta.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Calgary. 

Salary will be appropriate for qualifications.


To apply, send a resume and a cover letter stating why you are 
interested in the position to:

John Abraham
jea at hbaspecto.com <mailto:jea at hbaspecto.com>

Applications received after May 19^th 2008 might not be considered.  All 
qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without 
regard to age, handicap, religion, creed or belief, political 
affiliation, race, colour, sex or national origin.

John Abraham
jea at hbaspecto.com

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