[postgis-users] R: postgis-users Digest, Vol 67, Issue 22

nikka peddis nikkapedd at yahoo.it
Sat May 24 07:51:04 PDT 2008

1- The arcGIs suite 9.3 as show in sep-Oct 2008 and don't know if is release is fully compatible with postgis features.............!!!
See the new at the site www.esri.com/beta or the main site of acrsde

2-I have the arcgis server enterprise edition with arcsde on 
sqlserver and oracle 10G R3 spatial extension.... with SP5 R2

On sqlserver arcsde is fully compatible 
with sdo geometry and the features are stored on both the schemas "SDo"and "SDE"

On oracle 10G R3 and 11G R1 the features is fully compatible and you will choose the schemas where store the features.....: sde normal, sdo_geometry double precision and Sdo_Georaster for the raster features.........!!!!

Best regards

Nicola peddis
Geologyst Research, Soil Science Specialyst
CAD, GIS & Remote Sensing Analyst

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