[postgis-users] PostGis & pgRouting on Windows

Pablo Tutino ptutino at gmail.com
Mon Oct 27 11:30:12 PDT 2008

Hi there,

I'm Pablo Tutino,  from Argentina.
I've imported a Garmin .img DB files into polish format, then into shapes
and finally into PostGis, using shp2pgsql.exe and QGIS.
Now I have to create the directed graph up to use the pgRouting Library.

The first error I found is that the create_graph_tables wrapper function is
not included neither in pgRouting windows binaries nor sources.
I found the wrapper on this link (

The problem is the DB's schema I was able to import to PostGis is not like
the one in the example, http://www.davidgis.fr/documentation/pgrouting-1.02/

That schema includes
but mine doesn't have x1,y1,x2,y2.

How can I solve this?
I mean:
1) How can I create a graph table from a schema containing  only these
{gid integer NOT NULL,"LABEL" character varying(50),"TYPE" character
varying(10),"LEVEL" character varying(9),the_geom geometry }?
(the source, target and edge were created using assing_vertex_id function)

2) how can I use the correct create_schema_tables function?

Thanks a lot

Ing. Pablo Hernán Tutino
DIVENTI - Ingeniería y Desarrollo
pablo.tutino at diventi.com.ar
TE: +54-11-1569719001
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