[postgis-users] newbie question about non closed rings

G. van Es gves2000 at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 17 10:50:51 PDT 2009

OK, I can try that as well. Using wkt doesn't give as much errors as binary. As said i'm a newbie on this so I am learnig with every post so keep on posting, I will follow it with great interest.

Thanks all for your answers.


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> Ge,
> For this kind of thing I usually output to wkt and then use
> sed to convert
> Then I bring the data
> in as MULTILINESTRING/LINESTRING and use BuildArea to
> reform the POLYGONS
> using the ST_SnapToGrid approach Kevin outlined.
> I'm sure there is probably an easier way, but haven't
> thought of it.  Since
> PostGIS won't allow these geometries in at all. 
> Mark Cave-Ayland,
> I forget were we planning on making this a switch option in
> later versions
> of PostGIS?  So that you could bring in polygons with
> unclosed rings and fix
> them in the db? 
> Hope that helps,
> Regina


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