[postgis-users] [postgis-devel] Problem with ~/postgresql-8.3-postgis/lwpostgis.sql

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This is a user question, you should be asking on the PostGIS Users group.
Which version of PostGIS are you trying to install? 1.3 or 1.4
In 1.4 the new file is just called postgis.sql (no longer lwpostgis.sql)
It could be that you are running the 1.3 file  and have postgis-1.4 .so/.dll
Check line 6460 of your lwpostgis.sql file to see what that line says.
Since  that is where it is breaking.
Hope that helps,


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I  hv been trying to run this command  : psql -U postgres -f
/usr/share/postgresql-8.3-postgis/lwpostgis.sql fixmystreet
But.. I am facing this error:
psql:/usr/share/postgresql-8.3-postgis/lwpostgis.sql:6460: ERROR:  current
transaction is aborted, commands ignored until end of transaction block

I cannot understand this error. Can you help me?


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