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Thank you for your answer.

Actually had tried this already and it doesn’t work.

The result of 

“RAISE NOTICE 'test \r';

RAISE NOTICE 'test \r';”


“NOTICE:  test rNOTICE:  test r”

Same as \n, only ‘n’ char is displayed.

I wonder if it isn’t some kind of difference between windows and unix system
for the definition of new line.


In log files, notices are displayed properly, no need of CR/LF characters.

But it is not really convenient to read logs as there’re also some other log
info I don’t want to read.






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Try \r.  It works in many cases where \n does not



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I am debugging a plpgsql script putting some RAISE NOTICE '
' in my code but
in PG admin III in the "message Panel" all NOTICE messages are in one single

It becomes impossible to read it 


So I am looking for any tips helping me to display each NOTICE on a single

I have tried \n and chr(10) but without success :’(


I am working on Windows XP, Postgres 8.3 under PGAdmin III


Thank you



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