[postgis-users] St_within problem

Maxime van Noppen maxime at altribe.org
Mon Oct 19 09:16:27 PDT 2009

Bob Pawley wrote:
> I have tried it with the point and  geometry reversed with the same result.
> Perhaps, I am not looking at this the right way.
> According to the manual
> st_within Returns TRUE if geometry A  (points) is completely inside
> geometry B ( geometry).
> If it scans the list of 858 points some of those points are within the
> geometry - unless Postgis is looking at the 858 points as one entity.

Ooops, sorry, indeed you were right and used the function the right way. :)

Could you provide an example of a geometry & some points you're using ?

You might also try ST_Intersects or ST_Covers.


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