[postgis-users] hi, kevin, I'll explain my initial motivation for clustering.

David William Bitner bitner at gyttja.org
Thu Feb 11 14:01:44 PST 2010


Here is the original thread where I posted how I've used k-means to do
Natural Breaks style classification:

"not a blogger" Bitner

On Thu, Feb 11, 2010 at 11:52 AM, Ron Mayer <ramayer at forensiclogic.com>wrote:

> David William Bitner wrote:
> > There are some things you can do using the power of Procedural Languages
> > in Postgres and Custom  Aggregates.  In particular you might want to
> > take a look at PL/R.  I use PL/R along with PostGIS for creating K-Means
> > classification on attributes for "natural breaks" styling with
> > MapServer.
> I'd love to see you you did that.  Seems like a great demo of
> the power of the many dialects of procedural languages that
> postgres allows.
> That would make for an awesome blog posting if you have a blog.

David William Bitner
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