[postgis-users] New project for driving directions using postgis / pgrouting

Daniel Kastl daniel at georepublic.de
Tue Feb 23 19:12:57 PST 2010

Hi Olivier,

Stephen used pgRouting and implemented driving directions.
You can see his demo here:

The problem with driving directions is, that its implementation depends very
much on the data you have. For Japanese data for example road names are
usually missing, so you need to think about a different way how to describe
the route. Also some data sets provides more some data sets have less
pgRouting is "only" the library to provide shortest path search functions.

Here is a wiki page about driving directions of the OpenStreetMap project.
If you're going to use OSM data, this might be helpful.

I must admit that some instructions on the pgRouting wiki regarding driving
directions with different data sets would be nice.


2010/2/24 Martin Fafard <martin.fafard at geoprojection.com>

>  Hi
> Snowmobile trails, Quebec: http://www.fcmq.qc.ca/cartes/en/
> Martin F
> Olivier Kouame a écrit :
> Hi all,
> Sorry if this has been brought up before but I've been looking for a
> project that provides driving directions on top of postgis/pgrouting.
> I've found quite a few discussions about it and sites that have
> implemented it but couldn't find anything actually production-ready.
> I'm thinking of starting a new project to provide this functionality
> and would really appreciate any suggestions / advice / code examples
> that would help get this started. Or if anyone knows of an existing
> project that provides this, even better!
> Thanks
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