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Jan et. al,
Right now we manage the building of the PostGIS one-click installer for the
windows stack builder installs.
It wouldn't be appropriate to include this in with PostGIS though PostGIS
people use it a lot. However we think it should be an option as a separate
stack builder option.
If there is interest in this, we'd be happy to take this task on to build
this, include it as a stack builder option and bring it up with stack
builder folks to make sure there are no issues with doing so.
Leo and Regina


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Great, Regina, Joe, I have been waiting for this for years. Thanks!


On 31-1-2010 19:48, Joe Conway wrote: 

On 01/24/2010 11:40 AM, Paragon Corporation wrote:


We've been trying to compile PLR under the PostgreSQL VC+ version so it will

work with the one-click installer Windows versions for 8.3/8.4


Binaries (still pre-release) are now available for 8.3 and 8.4 here:


Two questions:

1) What needs to happen to get PL/R included in the one-click installer?

2) Can the one-click installer handle detection and setting of R_HOME?

I hope to package up a new PL/R release before the end of today after

retesting the Win32 changes against my Linux install to check for

regressions there.




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