[postgis-users] [GENERAL] Basic question on PGSQL and Transactions

Henri De Feraudy feraudyh at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 29 11:56:37 PDT 2010

I just tried putting commit work inside a PL/PGSQL function insert_my_data() and 
then tried 
calling this function. I got a runtime error.

From: Alban Hertroys <dalroi at solfertje.student.utwente.nl>
To: Henri De Feraudy <feraudyh at yahoo.com>
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Sent: Wed, September 29, 2010 7:04:52 PM
Subject: Re: [GENERAL] Basic question on PGSQL and Transactions

On 29 Sep 2010, at 18:31, Henri De Feraudy wrote:

> I mean, if you are inserting into a table from PLPGSQL do you have to do an 
> explicit commit at some stage?

I suppose you meant psql here, as otherwise the above statement wouldn't make 
sense ;)

Alban Hertroys

Screwing up is an excellent way to attach something to the ceiling.

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