[postgis-users] Shapefiles exported from PostGIS and ESRI ArcView 9 compatibility

Maria Arias de Reyna marias at emergya.es
Thu Jul 21 00:54:26 PDT 2011

El Jueves 21 Julio 2011, Ben Madin escribió:
> We have a client (potential client) who wants some mapping done and the
> maps returned in shapefile format. In the contract they insist on
> specifying that the shapefiles are compatible with "ESRI's ArcView version
> 9" (their words, not mine). 

If ArcView has no public specification of their Shapefiles, you can always tell 
your potential client all the problems derivated from using a privative and 
dark format. In fact, you *should* at least mention it.

It will save you a lot of troubles in the future. If you explain it right, 
clients usually understand it and _sometimes_ they agree to move to open 

Anyway, you should ask your client for a couple of examples of their shapefiles 
and compare them with yours. Maybe the difference is small and you can post-
process your generated shapefiles to adjust them.

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