[postgis-users] Shapefiles exported from PostGIS and ESRI ArcView 9 compatibility

George Rodrigues da Cunha Silva georger.silva at gmail.com
Thu Jul 21 04:53:38 PDT 2011

Em quinta-feira, 21 de julho de 2011 08:15:43, MarkW escreveu:
> Do the shptree and related shapefile utilities that come with the osgeo 
> installs apply here? I've only used them in association with MapServer, 
> so I don't know if shptree's indexes are usable by ESRI software.
> Mark
> On Thu, Jul 21, 2011 at 3:23 AM, Ben Madin 
> <lists at remoteinformation.com.au <mailto:lists at remoteinformation.com.au>> 
> wrote:
>     G'dat all,
>     We have a client (potential client) who wants some mapping done and
>     the maps returned in shapefile format. In the contract they insist
>     on specifying that the shapefiles are compatible with "ESRI's
>     ArcView version 9" (their words, not mine).
>     I don't have "ESRI's ArcView version 9", and don't intend on
>     spending that sort of money (more than the contract is worth).
>     However, I'm sure that if what we send back doesn't open in "ESRI's
>     ArcView version 9" it will become our problem.
>     Do
es anyone have any reason to suspect that a shapefile created
>     using valid OGC geometry in PostGIS and exported using pgsql2shp
>     would not or might not work on "ESRI's ArcView version 9"?
>     Are there any issues that someone who is across platforms can help
>     me with?
>     (I routinely use shapefiles created using valid OGC geometry in
>     PostGIS and exported using pgsql2shp in QGIS and MapServer and send
>     them to other people, so I have no reason to be concerned except
>     that the client insists on this line remaining the contract!)
>     cheers
>     Ben
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There is an open specification of the shapefile format


Shape is still the 'de facto' format for exchanging GIS data. I can't 
think of anything else right now.

Regarding compatibility, they are compatible AFAIK. Never had an issue.


George Rodrigues da Cunha Silva
Desenvolvedor GIS

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