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Author: dassau
Date: 2010-11-13 05:05:59 -0800 (Sat, 13 Nov 2010)
New Revision: 14590

added raster calculator to manual

Modified: docs/trunk/english_us/user_guide/features_at_a_glance.tex
--- docs/trunk/english_us/user_guide/features_at_a_glance.tex	2010-11-13 11:52:06 UTC (rev 14589)
+++ docs/trunk/english_us/user_guide/features_at_a_glance.tex	2010-11-13 13:05:59 UTC (rev 14590)
@@ -382,7 +382,7 @@
 	\> see Section \ref{sec:create shape}
 	\> \dropmenucheck{Manage Layers} \\
-\dropmenuopt{Raster calculator}
+\mainmenuopt{Raster calculator}
         \> see Section \ref{sec:raster_calc}
         \>  \\

Modified: docs/trunk/english_us/user_guide/working_with_raster.tex
--- docs/trunk/english_us/user_guide/working_with_raster.tex	2010-11-13 11:52:06 UTC (rev 14589)
+++ docs/trunk/english_us/user_guide/working_with_raster.tex	2010-11-13 13:05:59 UTC (rev 14590)
@@ -307,4 +307,37 @@
 data!\index{raster layers!statistics}
+\section{Raster Calculator}\label{sec:raster_calc}
+\index{Raster!raster calculator}
+\index{Raster calculator}
+The \dialog{Raster Calculator} in the \mainmenuopt{Layer} menu allows to 
+perform calculations on basis of existing raster pixel values. The results 
+are written to a new raster layer with a GDAL supported format. 
+  \centering
+    \includegraphics[clip=true, width=11.5cm]{raster_calculator}
+    \caption{Raster Calculator \nixcaption}\label{fig:raster_calculator}
+The \textbf{Fields list} contains all loaded raster layers that can be used. 
+To add a raster to the raster calculator expression field, double
+click its name in the Fields list. You can then use the operators to construct 
+calculation expressions or you can just type it into the box.
+In the \textbf{Result layer} section you have to define an output layer. You can 
+then define the extent of the calculation area based on an input raster layer or 
+based on X,Y coordinates and on Columns and Rows to set the resolution of the 
+output layer. If the input layer has a different resolution, the values will be 
+resampled with nearest neighbor algorithm.  
+The \textbf{Operators section} contains all usable operators. To add an operator
+to the raster calculator expression box, click the appropriate button. Mathematical
+calculations ( + , - , * \dots) and trigonometric functions ( sin, cos, tan, \dots) 
+are available. Stay tuned for more operators to come!
+With the \checkbox{Result to project} checkbox the result layer will automatically 
+added to the legend area and can be visualized. 

Added: docs/trunk/english_us/user_guide/working_with_raster_screenies/raster_calculator.png
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