[Qgis-community-team] Re: QGIS 1.0.0 - Call for packaging

Tim Sutton tim at linfiniti.com
Sun Dec 21 09:15:02 EST 2008

Hi Borys

I wish there was an easy way for me to say yes we can accommodate your
request, but really we cant.  The release branch is only for packaging
changes and any translation stuff you commit runs the risk of being
selectively packaged which I think is worse than not being packaged at

I did mention yesterday as being the release cut off date in my email
dated Dec 14 2008 entitled 'QGIS 1.0 branched - please read to prepard
for 1.0.0 release.'

Currently I have no computer access till the 27th so even the above
issue aside, it would not be possible for me to manage the priocess
from my cellphone out in the middle of the bush.

I think the better solution is to do a short sharp 1.0.1 release with
release date of end Jan 2009.  There is also the possibilty of making
the .qm compiled translation file for polish available as an
additional download.

regards Tim

On 12/21/08, Robert Szczepanek <robert at szczepanek.pl> wrote:
> Borys Jurgiel pisze:
>> However I've a little problem: I expected the branch would be created
>> today so
>> you've forestalled the final PL translation revision. Do everybody forgive
>> me
>> if I break the discipline and commit it now? I'm really torn making the
>> precedent but we have made a huge set of fundamental corrections and it's
>> _really_ important for me (and I think I can say also for Maciek & Robert)
>> to
>> apply them in 1.0.0
> Those language changes are crucial for GIS newcomers and can decide on
> QGIS success in Poland as free, powerful and *easy to follow* software.
> So if it won't break you work too much ...
> regards,
> --
> Robert Szczepanek
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