[Qgis-community-team] http://qgis.osgeo.org/ is online for testing

Stephan Reber stephan.reber at sr-gis.de
Fri Jun 27 18:46:02 EDT 2008


So I made some of the suggested changes. But there are a few things I
haven't done yet. The only thing I am not sure about is the project
information This is further information which isn't very interesting for
every visitor of the site. I put the osgeo logo on the right side to the
project description. It is now only displayed in the frontpage.
The title of the website is now "Quantum GIS", because it is short
enough to be displayed in the tab of your browser (if you are using tabs).
I am not very experienced with SEO URLs. But the address
http://qgis.osgeo.org works. If I  use the Home button in the menu, the
result is the long and unfriendly URL. 
Also I added a topmenu which is able to display the submenu and deleted
the black menu. And yes, I  like to have a one click access to
wiki/blog/forum etc..So I put the menus together. On the other hand I
like to separate the two menus because the wiki/forum/blog are not
essential information and not located direct on website. And I like to
keep the menu simple. Therefore I added three graphical modules as a
link. I was only searching for an alternative. It's not more than a try.
Right, it is import to have an element showing where you are. We can put
a header graphic. on the top This must not be too large (e.g.
800x150px). I added a placeholder until we have something nicer. Does
anybody like to design a header for the webpage? Or something smaller to
put on the left side?

Now the things I haven't done yet. I would like to delete at least one
of the grey borders, too. Also I like to change the look of the new top
menu. But I can't get access to the .css files. Otto, did you change any
permissions, when you made the last changes?

As we take some efforts in changing the current template, I think it
isn't necessary to have any alternatives. If we continue working on this
template we get a nice website. OK?

Until now I put the website together from parts of qgis.org. Because of
this there may be some points on the website which are not important,
too old or will move to other parts of the qgis web. I like to resume
the discussion about the content of the website. In the moment the
website provides information about:

    * Home (general information, download, project: rare updates)
          o current release (information about the current release:
            regular updates)
          o screenshots ( of the current release: regular updates)
    * Downloads
    * Documentation (manuals with downloads, brochures etc.: update when
    * News (latest news about QGIS, release, conferences...)
          o Archive (older news)
    * Plugins (in development)
    * and Archive of qgis.org (?)

Plus the link to wiki/forum/blog within this menu or separated from it.
Is there something to add or delete? If we got this structure, then we
can work on the contents and update them.

And Tim, did you get my email? I sent you the zip file for installing
mosets tree. I tried again and again. It doesn't work.

So finally, I think I wrote enough. Good night and


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