[Qgis-community-team] 2 small suggestions about website

Borys Jurgiel borysiasty at aster.pl
Wed May 13 16:17:41 EDT 2009

On środa, 13 maja 2009 21:55:10 Maxim Dubinin wrote:
> thanks for working on that!
> Overall I'd say it worth optimising the header, right now it eats up
> quite a bit of space vertically, unbalanced and there are way to many
> QGISes in it (I counted 9) :)

I think it's Werner's marketing strategy ;-)

> WM> 2) You are definitely right .. I linked all Pictures to the "binaries"
> WM> page .. It seems much more intuitive right now.

The only problem is there aren't any binaries for BSD...

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