[Qgis-community-team] Looking for Feedback about a new manual style

Werner Macho werner.macho at gmail.com
Wed Apr 7 02:15:54 EDT 2010


Looks real good to me .. perfect!
Is there still a Makefile or can it ce made under Windows with just the 
built in functions of an editor like TeXMaker?
If so it is a huge step forward in possibly increasing the amount of 
documentation writers ..

I definitely vote for doing the move to pdflatex.
I think even in the Unix world pdf is widely spread and there's less use 
for a .dvi file now.. beside that pdflatex has a lot of advantages over 
using dvi2pdf.

thanks a lot

Am 06.04.2010 23:01, schrieb MORREALE Jean Roc:
> Hi,
> In the past few days there has been work done by Bertrand Masson on 
> the manual to switch it to pdflatex, make it compile easily on a 
> distribution like texlive 2009 and improve its overall quality and 
> maintainability.
> The work has mainly be done on the french branch for now but we intend 
> to port it back to trunk so the english version and all the others 
> localizations could get the benefits of it. There is an unfinished 
> test using the 1.4 englih version (the presence of ?? or lack of toc's 
> entries is normal as not all the files has been done yet) :
> https://svn.osgeo.org/qgis/docs/branches/1.3.0/french/user_guide/user_guide_wip_en.pdf 
> Any feedback would be appreciated to help increase the quality of this 
> documentation.
> regards,
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