[Qgis-community-team] wiki and non-image documents.

Ramon Andinach custard at westnet.com.au
Mon Mar 21 07:32:17 EDT 2011

Hello all,

I've been handed a contribution for the wiki as a docx, which doesn't really fit into the How do I series I'm working on.

Now, I'm afraid I don't understand wiki's particularly well, but I don't recall seeing these sorts of things in other wikis. (I recall seeing images and sound, but not these). So I've got some questions.

1. Can I load this directly into the wiki? (I assume no.)

2. If I can't,
 a) is it best to make into something a little more readable (say a pdf) and upload it somewhere and link to it? or
 b) is it better to pull it apart, wiki-ify it and put it up that way?


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