[Qgis-developer] all tools active - IMHO wrong

Maciej Sieczka tutey at o2.pl
Fri Sep 15 07:20:24 EDT 2006


In Qgis (any version) all the tools on the toolbar are active even when
no layer is selected. Actually they are active even if no layer is loaded.

These tools include all the digitize, identify, select, zoom, and
measure tools as well as the "Remove layer", "In overview", "Add/Remove
all to overwiev" and "Hide/Show all layers".

I think they should be all disabled (greyed out and not runable or
yielding "Select a layer" or so) when no appropriate layer is selected.

For fun I tried playing with some of them with no layer loaded and eg.
the Move vertex tool made qgis crash, which I reported to trac


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