[Qgis-developer] QGIS and platforms

Tom Russo tom.km5vy at gmail.com
Fri Feb 2 01:09:15 EST 2007

On 2/1/07, Martin Dobias <wonder.sk at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 2/2/07, Tom Russo <tom.km5vy at gmail.com> wrote:
> >
> > That does sure look like it's trying to get the QMAKE_LIBS_THREAD
> > stuff out of qmake, but isn't getting anything.
> I think I know what's going on here - on FreeBSD, QMAKE_LIBS_THREAD is
> empty and there's another variable used instead: QMAKE_LFLAGS_THREAD =
> -pthread

Yes, that is what I see in

> So it seems that FindQt4 macro is not ready for this situation. If so,
> we should report it to CMake developers - but could you please check
> first whether this problem stays also in latest CMake release?
> And for the current situation - will setting CMAKE_SHARED_LINKER_FLAGS
> in ccmake to "-pthread" help to continue the build?

Adding "-DCMAKE_SHARED_LINKER_FLAGS=-pthread" to the cmake line does
indeed allow the compile to continue past where it was dying earlier.
Now, instead of getting linker errors in making the qgis_gui library
at 30%, it gets to 59% and complains so:

[ 59%] Building CXX object src/app/CMakeFiles/qgis.dir/moc_qgspythondialog.o
Linking CXX executable qgis
/usr/local/Trolltech/Qt-4.2.2/lib/libQtCore.so: undefined reference to

and so forth.

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