[Qgis-developer] Mac OSX - Clean machine setup issues

Tom Elwertowski telwertowski at comcast.net
Sun Feb 4 20:54:07 EST 2007

William Kyngesburye wrote:
> I wonder if cmake can handle -framework flags, then it would be even 
> simpler to have that as an option (but leave a unix gdal-config option 
> as a choice).  Have it use:
> -framework GDAL
> instead of checking with gdal-config or hardcoding paths.  Same for 
> other of my frameworks used in Qgis.  A choice of unix-style dylibs or 
> Mac frameworks, if available.

I'm not sure if this is exactly what you're asking for but there is a 
CMAKE_FIND_FRAMEWORK variable which defaults to FIRST. Other values are 

Making this a configuration parameter would allow someone with both to 
choose without specifying pathnames.


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