[Qgis-developer] Documenting the release process

Tim Sutton tim at linfiniti.com
Tue Feb 20 07:51:02 EST 2007

Hi All

I have started a new area on the wiki at the bottom of the developers corner:


The idea is to document the whole process of getting a release out -
covering what needs to be done prior to tagging the source, building
source and binary packages, press notifications etc. I'm looking for
help and contributions to get this section of the wiki written. There
are a few sections:

This document will be a 'things to be done before release' checklist.
I am hoping that you will contribute your thoughts (directly to the
wiki please). I am looking for timings too so that we can e.g. get the
level of detail like this:

 1.) 1 week before release notify translators for final updates
 2.) 1 day before release email developers list with notice of intention to tag

etc. The above are bogus examples but hopefully give you the idea of
what I am looking for.  We need to document any files that need to be
modified with e.g. version number updates, changelogs etc.


This page will contain the steps needed to do source code release
including naming convention for the source code release and the
commands needed to generate the release. I am looking at using cpack
extension to cmake for this which I will try to implement today.


This page will document the steps needed to produce a nsis installer
package on windows (I believe this can be done with cmakes cpack too).
I will fill this in.


I will document the bitrock installer bundle creation here. I am
looking for contributors to describe the exact steps to be followed
for creating rpms (various distros), debs (various distros) and
ebuilds etc. Of course we have the problem that debian stuff (and I
assume rpm stuff too) is all auto* centric so we need to somehow work
out  how to get backages build using cmake. Anyone who is building
rpms/ debs / ebuilds / ports etc please document the steps you follow
here. Creating a new distro specific page for the purpose and just
adding the link will also be fine.


I am hoping Tom and William can document the magic you do when you
create the OSX binaries. I think Tom has described the process before
on this list by I cant locate it in my archive.


Otto and Stephan can you document what needs to be done to get the
documentation released? Also can you add any documentation related
dependencies to the release checklist page?


In this page I would like to list all the web sites etc where we
promote the releases of QGIS

It will be really great to have all this info in a readily accessible
format and I thank everyone in advance who can contribute to these

Tim Sutton

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