[Qgis-developer] default raster colortable? [was: [Qgis-user] printing with metis?]

Maciej Sieczka tutey at o2.pl
Sun Aug 10 04:58:34 EDT 2008

Tim Michelsen pisze:

> I would like to ask for one feature:
> Qgis can leash its full power as a viewer for GRASS data.
> I'd wish to have QGIS using the associated raster colorschemes for GRASS 
> rasters. Those that one select with r.color.

That's r.colors, FTR.

> At the moment, the GRASS rasters sometimes get displayed in greyscale 
> and others in pseudocolors.

Do you maybe mean that QGIS renders GRASS rasters without a colortable
all-black? GRASS assumes the "rainbow" colortable for rasters without a
colortale. QGIS doesn't.

Question to devs:

Should/could QGIS default to some colortable if the raster doesn't have
one? Currently it renders color-less GRASS rasters all-black, and e.g.
ArcInfo ASCII grids all-grey...


Maciej Sieczka

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