[Qgis-developer] no plugin installer present

Maciej Sieczka tutey at o2.pl
Wed Aug 13 09:02:05 EDT 2008

Maciej Sieczka pisze:

> In current trunk (r9046) the plugin installer plugin is not present in
> the plugins manager menu. What's wrong?

After a rebuild from SVN today, I have the Plugin Installer present. I 
have no idea why it was not there the last time - I'm using exactly the 
same build procedure each time I compile QGIS, always including 'make 

It is still the old 0.2 version though. When is the 0.05.4 from
http://bwj.aster.net.pl/qgis/plugins.xml going to be included?


Maciej Sieczka

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