[Qgis-developer] problem in projection

Carson Farmer carson.farmer at gmail.com
Tue Apr 28 07:15:48 EDT 2009

Hi Bijay,
> Hi All,
> I am using Qgis 1.0.0 in ubuntu 8.04.Actually after loading a Raster 
> layer when i try to select
> change co-ordinate Reference system (CRS)in project properties it 
> shows only three i.e 
> Geographic co-ordinate system
> Projected co-ordinate system
> User defined co-ordinate system
You will need to expand one of the above tree items to view the CRS 
under them... to do this, click the + symbol and select the CRS you want 
(you will have to know whether it is a Geographic, Projected, or User 
defined CRS). You can also use the search tools to help you find the CRS 
you are looking for...


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