[Qgis-developer] Table join branch

Marco Hugentobler marco.hugentobler at sourcepole.ch
Mon Jul 19 03:10:33 EDT 2010

Hi QGIS devs

There is now the table_join_branch (svn co 
https://svn.osgeo.org/qgis/branches/table_join_branch) which contains an 
initial table join prototype. Here is a short description how to use it:
- Load a vector layer
- Load a table layer. This can be done e.g. using 'Layer->Add Vector Layer...' 
on a .dbf or .csv file
- Go to vector layer properties->join and click '+' to add a new join
- Select join field of table and join-to field of vector layer
- Now you should see the new fields in the attribute tab of the vector layer 
properties, in the attribute table and in the info-tool window

Internally, QgsVectorLayer stores the join info (fields and join table provider 
key) and remaps the field ids (first the provider ids, then the joined field ids 
and last the added field ids). When querying the joined field values, a subset 
string is set to the table provider to query a feature with the value of the 
join field.

As you might expect, there are still a number of issues:
- Joined fields cannot be edited (should they?). So attribute table and info-
tool should disable those rows. QgsVectorLayer probably needs a method to tell 
attribute table and info tool which rows are not editable.
- Performance is an issue. The current implementation tries to improve 
performance by automatically creating attribute indices in the ogr provider 
(could be implemented in other providers too). Still there is a siginificant 
performance penalty when doing classifications based on joined attributes or 
attributes searches (info tool and opening attribute table are usually fast, 
because not many features are queried at once).
One possibility to enhance this could be to load tables into memory providers 
and implementing attribute index capability there. Are there other 

Looking forward to you feedback and suggestions. I'm sure there are a lot of 
issues I didn't consider.

@Martin: in your gsoc blog, you write that you are refactoring the editing 
buffer to a utility class. Do you think the join info and the id remaping can 
be ported to the new design easily?


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