[Qgis-developer] The crazy jumping legend item came back!

Giuseppe Sucameli sucameli at faunalia.it
Wed Oct 20 10:45:25 EDT 2010

Hi Jurgen,

On Wed, Oct 20, 2010 at 2:51 PM, Jürgen E. <jef at norbit.de> wrote:

> Hi Andreas,
> On Wed, 20. Oct 2010 at 14:37:02 +0200, Andreas Neumann wrote:
> > No idea what the problem is, but I know that Jürgen Fischer included
> > nested grouping (looking forward to using it) just recently in the trunk.
> > Maybe it is a side-effect?
> Yes, it was. See r14420.
thanks, it seems solved.

BTW there is another issue, but is a minor one.
Here the way to reproduce it:
1. I drag a layer and it becomes hidden
2. then I drop the layer in an invalid place and it returns visible
3. then I drag again the same layer and it remains visible.

The problem is that the layer remains selected after I drop it in an invalid
so at the next attempt the execution returns at line 277 without hidden


Giuseppe Sucameli
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