[Qgis-developer] porting QGIS to Android?

MORREALE Jean Roc jr.morreale at enoreth.net
Wed Sep 1 13:42:49 EDT 2010

Le 01/09/2010 19:32, Paolo Cavallini a écrit :
> Hi all.
> Android, although not really free, is a very interesting platform for mobile. A range
> on cheap and reasonably powerful tablets has been announced by various HW vendors, eg
> http://www.archos.com
> Is anybody interested in porting QGIS to Android? Does anybody have an idea on how
> difficult this could be? What are the major issues, apart from resizing the dialogs?
> Qt porting is underway: http://code.google.com/p/android-lighthouse/ but of course a
> number of dependencies will have to be solved.
> Any opinion?
> All the best.

It depends on the aim (gps tracker, field editing, etc.) but a mobile 
gis is far from being a simple scale-down of the software, I would say 
that it would requires a complete GUI overhaul to fit with the reduced 
space screen and the limited user input. If you have the opportunity, 
give a try to Trimble TerraSync, this tool is an ergonomic masterpiece 
for small screens.

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