[Qgis-developer] Status of Release 1.7 and Raster-on-the-Fly

Bruce, Bob (CON) Bob.Bruce at gov.mb.ca
Thu Mar 17 11:53:25 EDT 2011

I am preparing to do a presentation on QGIS to a GIS users group meeting in Brandon on Friday. What can I say about when 1.7 will come out? Will it have the Raster-on-the-Fly capability that is being tested at the moment?

I have been doing some testing with a polygon file of contours have 54614 polygons and it is 770 Mb in size and an getting draw speeds of about 30 seconds on my DELL T3500 system running Windows 7 with 4 Gb of RAM. The contour polygons are at 5m intervals. (I have some screen captures of some of the draws if people want to email me directly for them) This seems like a pretty fast response time and I was impressed that QGIS could handle such a large dataset. Any comments?

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