[Qgis-developer] SAGA Interface

Camilo Polymeris cpolymeris at gmail.com
Tue Mar 29 15:05:24 EDT 2011

Hello everyone,

I am considering implementing this idea:
I use SAGA often and would like to see a modern interface to it. I
have no experience with the QGIS code, though. The last few days I
have been coding a little, just to get a feeling of how difficult that
integration would be and get to know the QGIS code. So far the plugin
only fumbles a little with qguis' GUI and loads SAGA libraries. The
next step will be to display a list of modules and their parameters.

I'd like to do this in context of GSoC 2011, for that purpose, and if
you're still interested, I'll submit a proposal during the week.

I started using SAGAs Pyhon interface, which I am more familiar with,
but switched to C++ now. I think the whole C++ -> Python -> Swig ->
C++ route is too complicated. C++ to C++ is just cleaner. What is your

Do you believe that it is feasible to do the whole implementation
during 1 GSoC? Else, what aspects should I focus on? (And what could
be left to post-GSoc)
GUI: Any ideas? So far I think I'll just clone SAGA's. Distribution:
Would SAGA's modules and/or the SAGA API be distributed with QGIS?

Finally, which do you think will be greatest hurdles or pitfalls I
would face in this project? Any particularities of qgis I should be
aware of? (Data formats?)

Thanks for your comments,

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