[Qgis-developer] QGIS webclient into svn

Ivan Mincik ivan.mincik at gista.sk
Thu Mar 31 06:27:37 EDT 2011

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On 03/31/2011 11:53 AM, Marco Hugentobler wrote:
> Hi devs
> An extremely useful thing when using QGIS server in a real project is to have 
> a standard web client at hand that provides a set of standard tools and 
> supports the extensions of QGIS server out of the box (e.g. web based printing 
> ).
> Andreas Neumann wrote a very nice client with java script based on the GeoExt 
> framework (http://gis.uster.ch/).  He would be available to put it into the 
> QGIS svn and to maintain it.
> For me that would be a great and very useful addition.
> What do you think about it? 
> It could be placed at https://svn.osgeo.org/qgis/trunk/qgis_webclient. Like 
> that, the desktop user would not have any overhead for svn checkout. 

I saw this client some time ago and I wanted to ask similar question. I
think, it will be very valuable addition to QGIS Mapserver (even more if
it would be maintained). Please add it :).

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