[Qgis-developer] Why I'm not going to use hub.plugins.org for my plugins

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Mon Nov 21 08:21:32 EST 2011


On Mon, Nov 21, 2011 at 3:11 PM, Pirmin Kalberer <pi_ml at sourcepole.com> wrote:
> Hi Alessandro, Tim,
> Am Montag, 21. November 2011, um 12.48:08 schrieb Tim Sutton:
>> On Mon, Nov 21, 2011 at 1:41 PM, Alessandro Pasotti <apasotti at gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> >> There are hundreds of redmine plugins out there, probably there is one
>> >> to let users delete their projects. I still wonder if it is a good
>> >> idea for other reasons though - if I file a bug against your project
>> >> and spent time and effort on working with your plugin I may not want
>> >> to see my work on your redmine project dissapear overnight because you
>> >> became bored with it. Better in my mind that an admin delete it after
>> >> giving it some consideration.
>> >
>> > In that case (which it's a corner case) you'd probably have the code
>> > in GIT anyway or at least the plugin installed on your disk and you
>> > could still create a new project.
>> Sorry but I was referring to the bug tracking history relating to the
>> plugin, not the code (I realise I have the code already). The history
>> of what issues people report against the plugin and what resolutions
>> took place and why is useful information that should persist should
>> e.g. a new maintainer take over the plugin because the former one got
>> bored.
>> It looks like the reason you can change your project to a subproject
>> of QGIS Desktop is because you are listed as a manager of that
>> project. So it seems that the rule is : you cant make your project (A)
>> a subproject of (B) unless you are at least a manager of (B). This
>> probably makes good sense because otherwise we give everyone perfect
>> freedom but also have potential anarchy e.g. users just inserting
>> their project as a child of yours without consulting you.
>> So I think the workflow should be that when a user wants to create a
>> new project, it should always go under plugins, and if that is the
>> wrong place they should file a ticket.
> As soon as Mathias some hours left (should be next week), he will write a
> plugin for customizing Redmine to QGIS' needs. The most important things I
> currently see:
> -Don't show members of project, if more than 50 (#3983)
> -Make "User plugins" the default parent project for new projects (#3956,
> #4545)
> -Hide Repository link on Overview page (currently implemented as patch)

That would probably do it thanks. Do you know of anyway to modify the
landing page? There was some interest in getting rid of latest
projects, latest news and providing a more user friendly getting start
guide on the front page.



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> Pirmin
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