[Qgis-developer] Unique value renderer in New Symbology?

Giovanni Manghi giovanni.manghi at gmail.com
Tue Nov 29 21:41:51 EST 2011

Hi Martin,

> Ugly colors? The colors depend on the type of random color ramp you
> use - a color ramp having colors with higher saturation will look
> better.
> Maybe the only issue is the usability - you need more steps to produce
> an equivalent of unique value renderer. That may be addressed, some
> ideas how to do it would be welcome.

maybe is the usability. The problem the users are facing now in real
life use cases is that it is not straightforward to get an acceptable
random palette to be used as for unique values, while in the old
symbology the "unique value" renderer works just fine with one click.

> >> 1. When will old symbology be removed?
> >>
> > I hope not before all the features that are available in the old one are
> > ported in the new one. I also give many training courses and what people
> > is mainly missing are:
> Some time ago we started a wiki page which was supposed to list what
> features were present in old symbology and not present in new
> symbology:
> http://www.qgis.org/wiki/Switching_from_Old_to_New_Symbology_and_Labeling

> Unfortunately it turned out very quickly to a wishlist. I would
> suggest cleaning all wishes and completing missing functionality.

The two missing functionalities are the ones already cited: the overall
transparency slider (for renderers other than the single symbol) and the
chance to apply the same symbol to many different symbology classes in
one go.

> > *) the overall transparency slider for all the renderers other then the
> > unique value. Actually in master you can select multiple
> > classes/categories, right click and choose the transparency (that by the
> > way is defined with a 0.0-1-0 interval, where the slider is 0-100%) but
> > again is not very handy (when having many classes) and not very
> > intuitive
> You may add that as a feature request...

The above link seems really a wish list, the ticket about this missing
feature has been already filed.

> > *) in the old selecting multiple symbology classes allowed the user to
> > change the symbol for all that classes in one go. In the new symbology
> > you can select multiple classes but, if the button "change" is click
> > then the symbol options are applied only to one of the classes
> Umm... the original idea was that the button "change" is just for
> changing the _source_ symbol, not actual selected symbol(s) in the
> list. This seems to be quite misleading to people and we should do
> something with it... I refer to the whole thing about selecting source
> column/ramp/symbol - we discussed it on the list with Marco recently.
> Maybe a better approach would be:
> 1. when categorized/graduated renderer is first selected in combo box,
> it will only show the widgets needed to do classification
> 2. after classifying those widgets would be hidden (or minimized), not
> to confuse people, while allowing more space for the list at the same
> time

I agree that how is now it is misleading.

The ticket about this missing feature is also already filed.


-- Giovanni --

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