[Qgis-edu] platform for examination

Robert Szczepanek robert at szczepanek.pl
Tue Jan 18 18:33:18 EST 2011

Hello Christopher,

W dniu 19.01.2011 00:01, Christopher R. Gabriel pisze:
> Hi everybody!

> Our platform is fully free software, and, as Paolo said, we're using to
> let our LPI certification students to study and verify their progress.
> LPI itself seels its certification through VUE, but it's a different
> thing :)

Big weight was lifted from my heart :D

> This is why Paolo suggested the usage of our platform: it's ready, can
> be used for exams as well as for teaching pourposes, and it's also ready
> for e-commerce stuff, to sell be certifications and training materials.
> The platform is available through a web interface (for studying) and
> through a classic GUI interface (python/gtk), for test centers. It also
> as a simple web API to play with (maybe a QGIS plugin ? :-) ).

Sounds really nice.

> I'll be happy to show you our platform's features and/or plans, to see
> if it can address your needs.
> Best regards,
> Christopher

Thank you Paolo and Christopher for your contribution in QGIS edu and 
certification issues. So we will wait for more information on your system.

best regards,

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