[Qgis-release-team] Re: QGIS release webpage update

Tim Sutton tim at linfiniti.com
Fri Apr 25 14:56:19 EDT 2008


Lets keep discussions on the list so that if I dont respond in time
others can make decisions and keep going without me...(I dont have
good internet access for the next 1.5 months).

2008/4/24, maning sambale <emmanuel.sambale at gmail.com>:
> Tim,
>  First of all, apologies for my inactivity as a release team member
>  (been busy for a change of job).

No problem glad to see you are back :-)

>  Anyway, I plan to do the webpage
>  updates and release announcement to the various mailing list after
>  work tonight.  Just to recap my task, I should be doing the following:
>  1. update the webpage newflash
>  2. blog announcement (http://blog.qgis.org/?q=node/101)
>  3. post announcements to various lists

We need to check all web pages refer to the latest version of qgis as
0.10.0 so if you can scan other pages on qgis.org and update those
that need it. Please keep a log of everything that needs changing so
that we can add to the master checklist (and next release it will mean
much less work for you).

>  Is there anything else?  BTW, the visual changelog is really coll.

Yes I'm very pleased with the work of Richard and co. I prefer to make
it a web page or a blog entry (probably that latter) and keep the
qgis.org posting to just a short formal announcement with a pointer to
the blog entry. The releaseon I prefer moving the wiki content into
the blog when the changelog is done is so that the final story is
'fixed' and also to prevent deluging my server with hits. Thats
assuming Gary is ok putting it in the blog and deluging *his* server
with hits :-)



>  I need to create  a webpage version for qgis.org or should I just link
>  it to the wiki?
>  cheers,
>  maning
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