[Qgis-tr] Could I change the tex file in english_us/user_guide directly while translating

Otto Dassau dassau at gbd-consult.de
Wed Apr 20 02:13:39 EDT 2011

Hi Elvis,

sorry for the late reply. I can help you to get your translations to the
documentation svn. Can you send me your OSGeo userid, so we can provide
access for you, please? 

I will create a tanslation branch for you. Are your *.doc translations based
on QGIS 1.6? Do you want to start with that version for your translations?

Are you experienced with latex and subversion?

Kind Regards,

Am Wed, 20 Apr 2011 12:33:41 +0800
schrieb "Elvis Wang" <wbprime at gmail.com>:

> Hi,
> Several chapters in the user guide have been translated in to Chinese in  
> *.doc files here. What should be going to do in the next step?
> I SVN-ed the trunk/english_US/user_guide and did some tex files changing.  
> As is told, I should apply for the SVN write access and be provided a  
> Chinese directory in the server to store the translated files. And also I  
> was told to get a OSGeo userid, which I had created on the OSGeo website.  
> But I don't know what to be done next. I began translation a month a ago  
> and is still at the begining. Can someone explain the work for me?
> Regard,
> Elvis Wang

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