[QGIS-trac] Re: [Quantum GIS] #1442: system specific location of qgis settings

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Mon Dec 15 14:10:15 EST 2008

#1442: system specific location of qgis settings
        Reporter:  borysiasty                       |         Owner:  jef          
            Type:  patch                            |        Status:  new          
        Priority:  minor: annoyance or enhancement  |     Milestone:  Version 1.0.1
       Component:  Build/Install                    |       Version:  HEAD         
      Resolution:                                   |      Keywords:               
Platform_version:                                   |      Platform:  All          
        Must_fix:  No                               |   Status_info:  0            
Comment (by mhugent):

 I think it is even worse to move it so short before release. We don't have
 time to react if there is any unexpected problem. In my opinion, changes
 like this should be done before feature freeze.

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