[QGIS-trac] Re: [Quantum GIS] #243: Add a feature to calculate field values in attribut tables

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Thu Jul 3 11:05:34 EDT 2008

#243: Add a feature to calculate field values in attribut tables
        Reporter:  horst.duester at bd.so.ch           |         Owner:  gsherman   
            Type:  enhancement                      |        Status:  new        
        Priority:  minor: annoyance or enhancement  |     Milestone:  Version 1.0
       Component:  Data Provider                    |       Version:  0.10.0     
      Resolution:                                   |      Keywords:             
Platform_version:                                   |      Platform:  All        
        Must_fix:  No                               |   Status_info:  0          
Changes (by cdavilam):

  * platform:  Debian => All
  * version:  0.8 => 0.10.0
  * milestone:  Version 0.9.2 => Version 1.0


 Replying to [comment:5 pcav]:
 > Looks like you want to reimplement a spreadsheet within QGIS? This can
 be done eg in OOo, the issue could be how to recall a spreadsheet easily (
 single-click) from QGIS?

 Although it can be done in a spreadsheet, it would be very useful enabling
 it within QGIS. Otherwise it's necessary to remove the layer/close
 project->open dbf in OOo->edit and save->reload in QGIS/reopen
 project->rearrange simbology (if you don't have it saved), which is a very
 annoying process.

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