[QGIS-trac] Re: [Quantum GIS] #15: Consider use of the term "CRS" instead of "Projection" throughout QGIS

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Sat Jul 26 17:10:57 EDT 2008

#15: Consider use of the term "CRS" instead of "Projection" throughout QGIS
        Reporter:  morb_au                          |         Owner:  timlinux              
            Type:  enhancement                      |        Status:  assigned              
        Priority:  minor: annoyance or enhancement  |     Milestone:  Version 1.0.0         
       Component:  Projection Support               |       Version:  HEAD                  
      Resolution:                                   |      Keywords:  ogc projection srs crs
Platform_version:                                   |      Platform:  All                   
        Must_fix:  No                               |   Status_info:  0                     
Comment (by msieczka):

 Replying to [comment:8 timlinux]:

 > Changed the ticket type from bug (nothing is 'broken' by using one term
 over another here) to
 > enhancement.

 But it is broken. Like if you called an apple a car.

 > Changed severity to minor (nothing is broken although the term's useage
 may be incorrect it
 > doesnt interfere with the normal functioning of the application).

 Not "may be" but evidently is.

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