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#1331: no function to union marked objects
        Reporter:  gespiel                          |         Owner:  nobody       
            Type:  enhancement                      |        Status:  reopened     
        Priority:  minor: annoyance or enhancement  |     Milestone:  Version 1.0.0
       Component:  Digitising                       |       Version:  0.11.0       
      Resolution:                                   |      Keywords:               
Platform_version:                                   |      Platform:  Windows      
        Must_fix:  No                               |   Status_info:  0            
Changes (by gespiel):

  * status:  closed => reopened
  * resolution:  duplicate =>
  * summary:  no functi0on to union marked objects => no function to union
              marked objects


 Hello jef,

 to duplicate brings not the wished result.
 When you mark p.e. three polygons in layer and duplicate (copy and paste),
 then yo have three new polygons and the marked polygons.
 What I mean is to make one polygon from the marked three polygons.
 (transform the marked polygons in one polygon ---> see attacched pdf).

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