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Sat Oct 10 20:26:30 EDT 2009

#1997: Quantum GIS 1.0.2 action causes problem with Konqueror under Kubuntu 8.04
   Reporter:  Dan1                                       |              Owner:  nobody
       Type:  bug                                        |             Status:  new   
   Priority:  critical: causes crash or data corruption  |          Milestone:        
  Component:  GUI                                        |            Version:  HEAD  
   Keywords:  konqueror kubuntu action                   |   Platform_version:  1.0.0 
   Platform:  Debian                                     |           Must_fix:  Yes   
Status_info:  0                                          |  
 I installed Quantum GIS 1.0.2 under Kubuntu 8.04 (using Qt 4.3.4).

 I downloaded the Alaska example dataset and worked through some of the
 examples in the Quantum GIS (Version 1.0.0) User Guide.

 I tried using example from the User Guide that concerns the Actions Tab
 that is part of the Vector Properties Dialog (page 40 on).  In the
 example, you use lakes/lakes.gml, select "Layer Properties" and then
 "Actions."  I supplied the following action:

 /usr/bin/konqueror  http://www.google.com/search?q=%NAMES

 When I next called up Konqueror and clicked on ANY non-internal hyperlink
 (i.e., one for any URL on the Internet), then a Konqueror dialogue box
 came up that said:

 "Open with 'Quantum GIS' "

 I was given no choice to decline this option.  If I accepted, then QGIS
 loaded and I get the error message "The layer is not a valid layer and can
 not be added to the map".

 I have since deleted the konqueror/Google-search action from the Actions
 Tab and rebooted my machine, but clicking on any non-internal URL from
 Konqueror still produces the behaviour just described.

 (Incidentally, I created another QGIS action to do a Google search with
 Firefox, but that has had no effect on doing a Google search etc from

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