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#2597: Adding layer is changed the last extent
   Reporter:  aperi2007                         |              Owner:  nobody       
       Type:  bug                               |             Status:  new          
   Priority:  major: does not work as expected  |          Milestone:  Version 1.6.0
  Component:  MapCanvas                         |            Version:  HEAD         
   Keywords:                                    |   Platform_version:  7            
   Platform:  Windows                           |           Must_fix:  No           
Status_info:  0                                 |  

Comment(by aperi2007):

 Just tested with last version of qgis 1.5 trunk.

 Yes, I confirm it.

 I start qgis, uncheck the option
 "by default new layers added should be displayed" (to avoid time lost to
 rendering big archives).
 add a shapefile, and zoom to a big details on it. For example 1:2500.
 After I load a new shapefile (incidentally is the same shapefile).
 With this action the canvas change the visible extent settings it to the
 new extent (1:163.000)
 So I lost the specific point where I'm working :( .
 I think the new extent displayed is based on the merge of the two layers
 (incidentally are the same).

 This is quite boring, but with older version of qgis I hovewer could use
 the "zoom last" button to return to the original extent where the canvas
 was before to add the new layer (the bigger details). And this was a work-
 around to avoid lost the location where I'm working.
 Now qgis seem to reset the old-extent so the button "zoom last" is disable
 after added a new layer.
 So I think this is very unusable.

 The better choice is surely don't change the visible extent when adding a
 new layer, but if this is not possible a second choice is permit to use
 the "zoom last" button to return to the extent where I was working.

 Replying to [comment:6 pcav]:
 > Perhaps I did not understand, but I cannot confirm this misbehaviour.
 > Please aperi2007 test it again, if possible on a different machine, to
 see if we can close this.

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